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Parametrica is a multi-disciplinary design studio, we focus on how lighting, sound and spaces can have a profound lasting effect on us and how we can manipulate them to create transcendent, directed environments that change the way we think and perceive.


Parametrica was recently founded by Dominic Barden and Ben Sharman, two university graduates with a vision and a concept. The two studied Interior Architecture and Design at The Arts University Bournemouth, where they explored a wide variety of design goals trying to develop their understanding of the creative process. Their interests were firmly aligned with installation and exhibition design which they are now pursuing in its use as a medium to inform, educate and challenge perception. After completing university, Dominic and Ben decided to combine their creative capacity and start the studio, exploring the multitude of ideas formed during their time there,

About Us

Dominic Barden


Dominic has been interested in light, sound and the generation of atmospheric environments in one way or another since he was very young. Spending some time in his school’s theatre crew to running his own events and working for production companies. As he got older he started designing, coordinating and supplying production for clubs, club nights and one off events ranging from 50 - 600 person capacity. Covering multiple rooms or venues simultaneously with lighting rigs comprising of up to 30 lighting fixtures, a stage and multiple staff. During his time at university he met Ben who introduced him to the possibilities of digital art in Rhinoceros3D and coding with Arduino and Processing, as well as developing new skills during his internship at Michael Grubb Studio. This led to his drive to start Parametrica with Ben and start using their combined skill set, creative process and work ethic to full effect.

Ben Sharman


Since being introduced to the 3D modelling software, Grasshopper3D, in his first year of university, Ben had the realisation of the capabilities and power of computational modelling/design; incorporating it into his work, both artistically and practically. This led to further developments in the practice of creating artwork using code, with software and hardware such as Processing and Arduino microcontrollers. Whilst at university he began teaching, introducing students to the potential of the software and displaying early work at Sense exhibition. Working as a designer for a Dorset based sculptor, Ben was able to develop his practical and material knowledge, exploring material properties and gallery design. Working on projects at Chelsea Flower Show, being involved in the design and build of an award winning stand there. When Dom and Ben met and became friends in university, Ben found an interest in lighting and sound, discovering the plethora of pioneering work being produced he felt enthused to start Parametrica and begin putting their design process into practice.

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London, United Kingdom


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